Rajyaseva Pre-Exam Question Set 14

Rajyaseva Pre-Exam Question Set 14

राज्य सेवा पूर्व परीक्षा पेपर क्र. 2 (18-5-2013)

Question number 1 to 3 :-

Is India becoming a proponent of apartheid? Not apartheid based on race, but on gender? The recent proposal to create special banks which will cater only to women customers has created a controversy. While the ‘women’s bank’ has been widely hailed by many as a socially progressive idea in that most women would feel more comfortable dealing with other women in a women-only situation, there are dissending voices which say that such proposals, well-meant thougt they are, will serve to further ghettoise women in an already oppressively male-centric scheme of things.

Proponents of this point of view argue that what is needed is not to co-coon women in protective environment specially reserved for them-be they in the form of ‘ladies’ coaches in trains or in the Metro, or ‘pink’ auto-rickshaws meant to share common public spaces and services with their male counterparts without fearing for their safety.

‘Women’s only’ banks, and similar facilities, isolate women form the social mainstream. Such discrimination, as well-intentioned as it undoubtedly is, constitutes a form of apartheid based not on race or skin colour but on gender.

At best, it is like the ‘equal but separate’ policy that some southern American states followed, whereby ‘coloureds’ and white people had segregated schools and separate seats on public transport.

In effect, this is another way of saying that the ‘solution’ to violent gender crimes like rapewhich is a horrifyingly everyday occurrence in India-is to lock up women in the safe custody of their homes and not allow them out in public. The response to such ‘solutions’, of course, is that it is not the presence of women in public places which is the cause of rape but the predatoriness of men, who are the ones who should be kept under lock and key where they can’t do harm to anyone.

The only real and lasting solution to crimes against women is to stop discriminating against them, even with the best of intentions. Instead of being ‘protected’ from men, women want men to be educted-or rather, re-educated-on gender issues so that they no longer pose a danger to women.

It’s a long-haul solution. But it’s the only one that we can all bank on, women as well as men.

1. What would women want?

  1.  Special protection
  2.  Men should be kept under lock and key
  3.  Parity with men
  4.  Economic freedom to get fully emancipated

Ans : Parity with men

 2. Women’s bank in a way :

  1.  Protects women all around from being oppressed
  2.  Emancipates women from the clutches of men
  3.  Confirms and perpetuates male dominance
  4.  Gives economic freedom to women

Ans : Confirms and perpetuates male dominance

 3. ‘Ghetto is a:

  1.  Place where marriages take place with or without the consent of women.
  2.  Custom where women live in slavery against their wishes
  3.  Place where people of a group live in poor conditions
  4.  Plce where the undertials are tromented by the law enforcing agencies.

Ans :Place where people of a group live in poor conditions

 Question number 4 ad 5 :-

A terrible combat ensued. The shark had seemed to roar, if I might say so, the blood rushed in torrents from its wound. The sea was dyed red, and through the opaque liquid I could distingunish nothing more. Nothing more, until the moment, when like lightning, I saw the undaunted captain hanging on to one of the creature’s fins, struggling as he was, hand to hand with the monster and dealing successive blows at his enemy. Yet unable to give a decisive one.

4. ‘A terrible combat ensued’ here implies:

  1.  A battle between the two sharks ended
  2.  A contest between the captain and the shark ended
  3.  A battle between the captain and the shark followed
  4.  Warfare between the captain and the shark concluded

Ans : A battle between the captain and the shark followed


5. The writer describes the captain as —–.

  1.  scared
  2.  angry
  3.  disturbed
  4.  fearless  

Ans : fearless 

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