Idiom/ Pharases Sample Questions Set 1

Idiom/ Pharases Sample Questions Set 1

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Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, (E) ‘None of these’ will be the answer.

1. To make clean breast of

A. To gain prominence

B. To praise oneself

C. To confess without of reserve

D. To destroy before it blooms

E. None of these

2. To keeps one’s temper

A. To become hungry    

B. To be in good mood

C. To preserve ones energy    

D. To be aloof from

E. None of these

3. To catch a tartar

A. To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty

B. To catch a dangerous person

C. To meet with disaster

D. To deal with a person who is more than one’s match

E. None of these

4. To drive home

A. To find one’s roots    

B. To return to place of rest

C. Back to original position    

D. To emphasise

E. None of these

5. To have an axe to grind

A. A private end to serve    

B. To fail to arouse interest

C. To have no result    

D. To work for both sides

E. None of these

6. To cry wolf

A. To listen eagerly    

B. To give false alarm

C. To turn pale    

D. To keep off starvation

E. None of these

7. To end in smoke

A. To make completely understand

B. To ruin oneself

C. To excite great applause

D. To overcome someone

E. None of these

8. To be above board

A. To have a good height

B. To be honest in any business deal

C. They have no debts

D. To try to be beautiful

E. None of these

9. To put one’s hand to plough

A. To take up agricultural farming

B. To take a difficult task

C. To get entangled into unnecessary things

D. Take interest in technical work

E. None of these

10. To pick holes

A. To find some reason to quarrel

B. To destroy something

C. To criticise someone

D. To cut some part of an item

E. None of these

( ANS : Q.1 = C, Q.2 = B, Q.3 = B, Q.4 = D, Q.5 = A, Q.6 = B, Q.7 = B, Q.8 = B, Q.9 = B, Q.10 = C)

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