Substitution Of Word Sample Questions Set 4

Substitution Of Word Sample Questions Set 4

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Find Opposite Word Set 4

choose the one option can be substituted for the given word/ sentence.

1.  Habitually silent or talking little

A. Servile    B. Unequivocal    C. Taciturn    D. Synoptic

2. One who cannot be corrected

A. Incurable    B. Incorrigible    C. Hardened    D. Invulnerable

3. Be the embodiment or perfect example of

A. Characterise    B. Idol    C. Personify    D. Signify

4. A person not sure of the existence of god

A. Cynic    B. Agnostic    C. Atheist    D. Theist

5. A paper written by hand

A. Handicraft    B. Manuscript    C. Handiwork    D. Thesis

6. The act of violating the sanctity of the church is

A. Blashphemy    B. Heresy    C. Sacrilege    D. Desecration

7. Something that can be heard

A. Auditory    B. Audio-visual    C. Audible    D. Audition

8. A name adopted by an author in his writings

A. Nickname    B. Pseudonym    C. Nomenclature    D. Title

9. Study of birds

A. Orology    B. Optology    C. Opthalmology    D. Ornithology

10. A place that provides refuge

A. Asylum    B. Sanatorium    C. Shelter    D. Orphanage

( ANS : Q.1 = C, Q.2 = B, Q.3 = C, Q.4 = B, Q.5 = B, Q.6 = C, Q.7 = C, Q.8 = B, Q.9 = D, Q.10 = A)

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