Find Related Word Questions Set 2

Find Related Word Questions Set 2

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Find Related Word Questions Set 1

You will choose the word that is a necessary part of the bold word.

1. ovation

A. outburst    B. bravo    C. applause    D. encore

2. bonus

A. reward    B. raise    C. cash    D. employer

3. antique

A. rarity    B. artifact    C. aged    D. prehistoric

4. culture

A. civility    B. education    C. agriculture    D. customs

5. knowledge

A. school    B. teacher    C. textbook    D. learning

6. domicile

A. tenant    B. dwelling    C. kitchen    D. house

7. vertebrate

A. backbone    B. reptile    C. mammal    D. animal

8. itinerary

A. map    B. route    C. travel    D. guidebook

9. orchestra

A. violin    B. stage    C. musician    D. soloist

10. facsimile

A. picture    B. image    C. mimeograph    D. copier

( ANS : Q.1 = C, Q.2 = A, Q.3 = C, Q.4 = D, Q.5 = D, Q.6 = A, Q.7 = A, Q.8 = B, Q.9 = C, Q.10 = B )

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