Find Opposite Word Set 3

Find Opposite Word Set 3

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Select the word or pharse which is closes to the OPPOSITE in meaning of the bold word or phrase.


1. History abounds in instances of courage.

A. shines    B. lacks    C. suffices    D. fails

2. The inhabitants of the island were barbarians.

A. civilized    B. cruel    C. uncivilized    D. bad

3. The members thought that the task was feasible.

A. impractical    B. impossible    C. difficult    D. impracticable

4. crestfallen he returned as he had never faced such humiliation in the whole of his life.

A. vainglorious    B. indignant    C. triumphant    D. disturbed

5. Feasibility of the project is under study.

A. unsuitability    B. cheapness    C. impropriety    D. impracticability 

6. The incessant noise of the boring machine made it difficult for us to got to sleep at night.

A. intermittent    B. harsh    C. soft    D. constant

7. Unsettled conditions in the land led to exodus of hundreds of its citizens.

A. invasion    B. entry    C. immigration    D. expulsion

8. Many people try to resist reforms in the society.

A. fight    B. accept    C. welcome    D. repel

9. Because of the economy drive, they very unwillingly surrendered some superfluous posts.

A. important    B. relevant    C. significant    D. essential

10. The young leader was reluctant to shoulder the responsibilities of ministerial office.

A. wanting    B. willing    C. anxious    D. eager

 (Ans : Q.1 = B, Q.2 = A, Q.3 = A, Q.4 = C, Q.5 = D, Q.6 = A, Q.7 = B, Q.8 = C, Q.9 = B, Q.10 = B )

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